Master Thesis: Functionalized Metal-Graphene Filaments for 3D-printing

Master Thesis: Functionalized Metal-Graphene Filaments for 3D-printing

Are you interested in doing your master thesis on the latest advanced materials and manufacturing technology? Please consider this opportunity to be part of a dynamic and innovative environment!


The rapid movement towards electrification and digitalization of our society places new demands on materials and manufacturing technologies. Currently available engineering materials face major challenges for meeting future industrial needs with requirements for decreased weight, higher speeds, higher stability and lower environmental footprints. Additive Manufacturing (AM), commonly labelled as 3D-printing, is a rapidly developing production technology. However, the numbers of materials available today in e.g. powder-based methods are rather limited. This means that there is a crucial need to explore new material combinations in additive manufacturing. Recently, there has been a great growing interest in graphene owing to its unique psychochemical and mechanical properties. It has been shown that the properties of metals/alloys can be remarkably enhanced by adding low concentration of graphene-based additives. The aim of this master thesis work would be to contribute with developing novel materials with extraordinary properties!

Project Description

  • Synthesis of metal (e.g. Al, Cu, Ag)-graphene composites through powder metallurgy approaches
  • Compounding of metal-graphene composites with polymers
  • Filaments manufacturing by extrusion
  • 3D-printing of components using the manufactured filaments
  • Sintering of the printed components
  • Physicochemical characterization of raw materials, composites and 3D-printed components


Fig. 1 Illustration of the filaments-based AM.

  • Rotary evaporator for raw materials preparation, functionalization and composites manufacturing
  • Pre-treated material
  • Extruder
  • Polymer composite filament
  • 3D-printer
  • 3D-printed components


– Strong background in either material science/chemical engineering

– Knowledge of CAD-programs, keen interest in technology

– Driven and enthusiastic personality with an ability to take initiatives

Contact Information

This project is in collaboration between Graphmatech AB and the Department of Chemistry at Ångström.

For more information, contact Dr. Mamoun Taher

+46 735513054