We develop and manufacture task-specific graphene nanocomposites

Aros Graphene™

Aros Graphene™ is a novel and patented ionic graphene nanocomposite material. Customers usually find the following properties interesting:

– High thermal and electrical conductivities
– Self-lubricating
– Self-cooling
– Light-weight
– Applicable in different forms (coating, additive to a matrix, 3D printing)


• Thermal management
• Self-lubricating mechanical parts
• Electrical contacts
• Energy storage
• And more…

Are you interested in other properties or combination of properties? We tune our materials design towards the properties you need for your application.

General properties

Chemical composition Hybrid Graphene-Lithium salt
Structure Layered structure, micro-flowers, porous
Physical state Solid, gel, liquid
Color White, gray, black
ContactResistance 0.6 mOhm (load 5N, 10 Φ Ag probe)
Friction coefficient < 0.1 (Aros Graphene / Ag contact pair, 5 N, 5 cm sec-1)
Applicable Powder, film on a substrate, suspension

Graphmatech AB
Graphmatech is a Swedish materials technology startup company that invents, develops and sells novel Graphene-based nanocomposites materials and services. We are on a mission to deliver truly world-changing graphene hybrid materials that have the potential to make the world a better place.

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