Solving industrial problems with graphene


Graphene has extraordinary properties – it is both the thinnest and the strongest material ever known and has extremely high thermal and electrical conductivity.

The potential application areas are enormous. However, more than 15 years after graphene was first isolated, the expected graphene revolution has not happened.

When graphene is dispersed into other materials, the graphene flakes stick onto each other – agglomorate – and lose their graphene functionality. The more layers, the less functionality. Graphite, what’s in your pencil, is actually many layers of graphene.

Graphmatech AB

Graphmatech has solved the agglomoration problem. Our patented Aros Graphene keeps graphene flakes separate while they are dispersed into other materials.

Graphmatech works with industrial partners to solve their material science problems with graphene, making more conductive, stronger and smoother materials.

Using graphene reduces the need for other materials like energy intensive metals or exotic materials in batteries. We’re making a difference; one of our current projects will, when fully rolled out, reduce energy use by as much as a city of 130 000 uses.

Aros Graphene®

In 2017, our co-founder, Dr. Mamoun Taher, invented and patented Aros Graphene® while he was working at Uppsala University.

Aros Graphene®  is a graphene hybrid material which displays graphene properties in 3D. It’s easy to use as an additive or coating, mixed with polymers or metals, or used in batteries. It’s also easy to sustainably produce in large quantities; our water is recycled.

We’re applying for REACH certification.

The name Aros Graphene® is inspired by Uppsala and Västerås, where Graphmatech started. The Vikings named these two cities Östra Aros (East Aros) and Västra Aros (West Aros).  

Graphmatech AB

Graphmatech is a materials technology company that invents, develops and sells graphene-based materials. We're working to bring the world into the Graphene Age.

Mältargatan 17, 753 18 Uppsala, SWEDEN

+46 18 701 02 70

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