Aros Graphene®

Aros Graphene® is our patented graphene nanocomposite material. When it’s added to other materials, they gain graphene properties:

  • Electrical conductivity 
  • Self-lubrication
  • High wear resistance
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Self-cooling
  • Low weight

Aros Graphene® can be applied in different forms: as a coating, dispersed in a matrix, or 3D printed, for instance. 


Polymer composites

Graphmatech owns technology and knowhow for producing a wide variety of graphene enhanced polymer composites, rendering it possible to utilize the full potential of the carbon wonder material in present-day industrial applications.

The trademarked hybrid material Aros Graphene® which is currently produced at a large scale has excellent compatibility with most polymers, rendering it highly suitable for composites. Graphmatech has also successfully developed methods to efficiently disperse graphene in a polymer matrix, as well as coating it on polymer pellets and powders for master batches. This enables substantial improvements of properties such as electrical and thermal conductivities as well as mechanical strength. Great results have been obtained for a number of conventional base polymers. Graphmatech manufactures composites in a broad range of forms, depending on application, spanning from pellets and powders to filaments for 3D-printing.

Further, Graphmatech has a patented technology of self-lubricating and self-cooling mechanical systems that maintains a low and stable friction, ideal for tribological applications.

Metal composites

With the extraordinary properties of graphene, it is easy to envision the benefits of taking metals to the next level by developing metal-graphene composites. Graphmatech has done exactly this and owns technologies to add graphene and Aros Graphene® in a well dispersed manner to form metal composites as well as methods of coating metals with a thin layer of graphene-based films. This enables strong property enhancements while using only minor amounts of graphene additives. Some of our current core product areas involve electrical contacts with reduced wear rate, and composites for the expanding market of additive manufacturing.

Energy Storage

Graphmatech has demonstrated promising results when exploring additives to existing batteries as well as to micro supercapacitors. Since graphene is such a lightweight material and has outstanding electrical conductivity, there is vast potential in terms of enhancing conductivity of electrodes, energy density, storage capacity and charging speed. Essentially, graphene additives are providing means to a more energy-efficient world! 

Graphmatech AB

Graphmatech is a materials technology company that invents, develops and sells graphene-based materials. We're working to bring the world into the Graphene Age.

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