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At Graphmatech, we believe a company is only as strong as it’s people.

We have an amazing, diverse and talented team, working together to build Sweden’s next big industrial leader. We’re pleased to share some of their stories, telling of the unique journeys that brought them to Graphmatech.

“I come from Costa Rica, where I studied Material Science, specializing in characterization. Since graduating I’ve wanted to develop new materials and technologies, to help improve the way we live as a society without negatively impacting the environment.

Having worked for some years as an engineer, I completed my master’s degree in Spain and Sweden, where I had more interaction with super materials such as graphene. I decided to remain in Sweden to work, inspired by their innovative perspective towards green technologies and social living. I joined Graphmatech in 2018. I was fascinated by the way we can take conventional materials and make them outstanding, by adding this super-cool material.

As R&D, I investigate how to solve industrial problems by combining different materials with graphene, developing and optimizing processes which can be scaled up for production. Working at Graphmatech has given me the capacity to reinvent myself, and the versatility required to strengthen my future career. Above all, I enjoy the freedom of thinking outside the box and the team working beside me.”

- Luis Diaz, Senior R&D Engineer

“I was born and mostly raised in Västerås, moving to Uppsala to study when I was 23. I earned my master’s degree in technical physics with material science, in a class made up of 27% women – surprisingly high for the time. Since graduating, I’ve worked at Ericsson, Seco Tools, Sandvik Coromant and GE Healthcare – first as a process and technical engineer, then later as a manager. But I always wanted to work in a small, growing & dynamic organisation, so when the opportunity to join Graphmatech came along I didn’t hesitate!

Continuous improvements, the beauty of good processes, and the dynamics of people working together – these are what has driven me to where I am today. So, to build the quality processes here from scratch – not inheriting anything, and being free to use all my previous experience to do so, is so rewarding.

I also love the varied responsibilities I have as part of this awesome team – we all do what needs to be done, so my day could include writing a policy, designing a batch protocol, or buying milk for the coffee!” - Lena Pettersson, Quality & Safety Manager

“I started as an operator at Sandvik, completing my technical education and going on to work for many years as an engineer. I enjoyed working with technical issues, but my love of working with people eventually led me to change careers. Becoming a manager was the perfect move for me. Trusting and believing in people is a trait I really value, one that has proven very successful for me throughout my management career.

I’ve spent years working in large companies – companies that already had everything in place. At Graphmatech I’ve been given the opportunity to develop a production line from scratch. It’s involved a lot of planning, preparing and hands-on producing, but it’s like a dream come true. So is working with a groundbreaking material like Aros Graphene.

Still, the best part is the team. I’ve been so impressed by those in the company. To succeed we need to cooperate at every level, and we do, always helping each other. To me, Graphmatech means innovation, team spirit and a brilliant future.”

- Robert Granström, Production Manager

“I come from Serbia, with a background in Business Administration – I’ve consulted on business management and led projects from product development through to launch. I joined Graphmatech as it represents two of my own core values – a passion for problem solving and constant development.

My day-to-day role is “making it happen” – organizing, structuring and developing new systems. It’s a unique opportunity to build a structure from the ground up, actively participating in the company’s development every day.

The best thing is the team. We have a flat organisational structure, agile working philosophy and colleagues who are approachable and easy to communicate with. No two days are the same, which keeps things interesting and rewarding.”  - Tatjana Rudnik, Business Operations Officer/ Project Coordinator

“I am 25 years old and I come from Cyprus. After graduating with a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Glasgow in 2018, I joined Graphmatech as a research and development engineer with a focus on additive manufacturing techniques and material development. What more could a young researcher want, than working in a new, innovative and possibly world-changing field?

Career-wise, I believe working in a start-up as my first job has enabled me to evolve faster, gaining new skills at a pace that is unimaginable in big companies. We are truly hands-on, all working together to build the company. In this environment you come to understand that you are capable of far more than you thought you were.

The spirit in the team is great – it’s a supportive and friendly environment and feels like a multinational family. I never regretted starting this exciting adventure by being a part of Graphmatech!”  - Andrea Spanou, Research and Development Engineer

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