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Graphmatech and Add North 3D are very proud to announce the release of their first jointly developed product – the Koltron G1. The product is the result of over 12 months of intensive research and development work from both companies, with a truly astonishing outcome – a fully conductive engineering grade polymer for additive manufacturing which can be described as nothing short of a super material.

The Koltron G1 is a highly electrically and thermally conductive filament, resistant to a range of chemicals, UV light and high continuous working temperatures, with the highest flame-retardant rating. The versatility is unmatched in polymer additive manufacturing.

The application areas for the Koltron G1 are vast, ranging from EMI and RFI shielding (against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference) to capacitive sensors, wearable and printed electronics as well as the cooling of electronics. The incorporation of Graphmatech’s unique Aros Graphene® also gives the printed parts excellent self-lubricating properties.

A great deal of the development focused on making the material processable in any fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printer. This has now been achieved, making the newly launched Koltron G1 versatile not only through its broad potential applications, but also in its widespread accessibility.

”This material is unique in the way it combines excellent mechanical and resistance properties with high electrical and thermal conductivity. For a 3D filament producer, to bring all these great features into a printed part is extremely exciting” says Add North 3D CEO Nils Åsheim.

The Koltron G1 is available now through the Add North webshop, with availability through resellers in the largest markets expected to follow in the near future.

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Add North is a Swedish 3D materials developer specializing in 3D printable materials. From its start in 2016, the focus has been on sustainable plastic solutions as consumables and the development of new materials, with a current focus on technical materials. Add North 3D is now launching its international expansion, with this Aros Graphene®-filament as one of the corner stones.

Graphmatech is an awarded scale-up founded in 2017 by Dr Mamoun Taher and serial entrepreneur Björn Lindh, focusing on tailor-made graphene solutions for a range of industrial challenges. The company is backed by ABB, InnoEnergy and the business angel Jane Walerud. They opened their first factory in Uppsala, Sweden two months ago.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Mamoun Taher
CEO, Graphmatech

+46 73 551 30 54

Nils Åsheim
CEO, Add North 3D

+46 73 400 38 78

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