Graphmatech has been selected to join the Swedish Scaleups program in 2020, with the support of Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC), one of the country’s leading corporate accelerators and ranked in the world’s top 5 public company incubators.

The program takes the hottest innovative young companies with 10 or more employees and potential growth of more than 20% over the next 3 years, providing them with the knowledge, skills & networks they need to scale up their businesses more quickly.

“We expect Graphmatech to be a game changer”

“The program tries to find companies with an innovative, international, scalable business model and with an expected rapid growth,” explains Michael Camitz, UIC Business Developer and Project Manager for Swedish Scaleups.

“These companies are not easy to identify but Graphmatech meets all these standards. We expect Graphmatech to be a game changer in the material industry with its highly innovative solutions.”

The Swedish Scaleups program

Swedish Scaleups brings together 10 company incubators and science parks, including UIC, to provide select companies with unique access to business development programs and tailored support to scale up their operations more quickly.

Companies adopted into the program are offered a current and sustainability analysis, a detailed plan for growth and the opportunity to follow up the development with the help of a hand-picked advisory board.

A unique advantage moving forward

“We are extremely proud to be selected for the Swedish Scaleups program” says Dr Mamoun Taher, Graphmatech CEO and co-founder.

“This will provide us with a unique advantage moving forward. We aim to become one of Sweden’s leading companies, using cutting edge graphene technology to help industrial partners take their materials and products to the next level. The support and knowledge gained here will be instrumental in helping us take the next steps toward this goal”.

Find out more in UIC’s press release about the selection here (in Swedish).

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