Aros Create 1 kg

598.75 (incl. VAT)

Conductive nylon pellets

for compression molding or extrusion

Volume resistivity: 0.8 Ω•cm
Thermal conductivity: 0.65 W/m•K
Pellet diameter: 3 mm
Pellet length: 1.5-2.5 mm
Processing temperature: 210-240°C
Quantity: 1 kg
Color: Black

The price includes an optional 30-minute teleconference with a material science expert, to help you solve your industrial challenge.

Expected delivery time is currently 2 weeks.

For quantities larger than 1 kg, kindly contact us for quotes.

Safety data sheet

Electrically conductive nylon pellets

Aros Create is, we believe, the worlds most electrically conductive carbon-based engineering polymer, with drastically improved mechanical strength and more than double the thermal conductivity of pure nylon.

While primary adapted for electrical shielding and anti-static applications, Aros Create is suitable for many other industrial applications as well.

Based on one of the most commonly used thermoplastics, Aros Create is suitable for conventional shape-molding methods, such as compression molding or extrusion. It does not contain any metal or inorganic additives, nor any surfactants or other surface coatings. Therefore, it maintains predictable behavior, has high compatibility with standard processing methods and is simple to handle.

Aros Create is entirely based on recycled nylon and Aros Graphene®, which ensures an environmentally sustainable product.

The extraordinary properties of Aros Create come from Aros Graphene®, Graphmatech’s novel material that effectively renders graphene flakes dispersible in most matrixes. A small fraction of Aros Graphene® is sufficient to reach the percolation threshold, which causes the composite to be electrically conductive despite mainly consisting of an insulating base polymer. Naturally, from the presence of Aros Graphene®, Aros Create also has drastically improved mechanical strength and more than twice the thermal conductivity value of pure nylon.

Aros Create combines the highest electrical conductivity available with excellent processability. Does it solve your industrial challenge?

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