Aros Polyco

262.50412.50 (incl. VAT)

Choose your polymer and choose your Aros Graphene® concentration with Aros Polyco.

Polymer pellets coated with Aros Graphene® offer excellent dispersion of Aros Graphene in the polymer matrix.

When the pellets are processed with, for instance, injection or extrusion, they will have graphene properties. As compared to the standard engineering polymer they start from, the piece made from Aros Polyco will  be stronger, smoother, more thermally conductive and more electrically conductive. The more graphene, the stronger the graphene properties.

We’ve suggested three of the most popular polymers for industrial use; if you’d like another, please contact us.


The 1 kilo price includes an optional 30-minute teleconference with one of our graphene / polymer scientists; we’d like to help you get started with Aros Create.


Quantity: 1 kg
Color: Black

Price: €262.50 – 412.50 (incl. VAT)
Delivery time: 4 weeks
For quantities larger than 1 kg, please contact us for quotes.

Terms & Conditions

Aros Polyco grades are standard base polymers with a coating of Aros Graphene®. Each Aros Polyco grade is suitable for the same conventional processing methods as its base polymer, rendering it simple to use and handle.

Graphmatech has developed a method of coating neat polymer and polymer composite granulates with a uniform layer of Aros Graphene®, yielding Aros Polyco. This process is a pre-compounding step without high shear forces or high temperatures, which minimizes property degradation for both the polymer matrix and the additive. It produces a high quality, high performance, isotropic and homogeneous composite.

The extraordinary properties of Aros Polyco come from Aros Graphene®, Graphmatech’s novel material that effectively renders graphene flakes dispersible in most matrixes. Adding low fractions of Aros Graphene® is sufficient to enable significant property enhancements of basic polymers. 

Would Aros Polyco solve your industrial problem?

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Concentrations of Aros Graphene® additive

1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%

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