We develop and manufacture task-specific graphene nanocomposites

Aros Graphene®

Aros Graphene® is a novel and patented graphene nanocomposite material. Customers usually find the following properties interesting:

– Applicable in different forms (coating, additive to a matrix, 3D printing)

– High thermal and electrical conductivities

– Self-lubricating

– High wear resistance

– Corrosion barrier

– Self-cooling

– Light-weight


• Thermal management
• Self-lubricating mechanical parts
• Electrical contacts
• Energy storage
• And more…

Are you interested in other properties or combination of properties? We tune our materials design towards the properties you need for your application.


Aros Graphene® Thermal Grease

Aros Graphene® Thermal Grease

Aros Graphene® based thermal greases have excellent thermal conductivity for efficient cooling of electronic systems.

Aros Graphene®  Polymer 3D Filament

Aros Graphene® Polymer 3D Filament

The filaments are used for 3D printing of strong, lightweight and high thermally conductive components such as heat sinks.

Aros Graphene® Conductive Ink

Aros Graphene® Conductive Ink

The high electrical conductivity and curing at room temperature make the ink suitable for printed electronics.

Aros Graphene® Coated Polymer Powder

Aros Graphene® Coated Polymer Powder

The coating technique of polymer powder or granular with Aros Graphene® offers excellent dispersion of Aros Graphene in the polymer matrix towards high-performance engineering polymer composites.

Graphmatech AB
Graphmatech is a Swedish materials technology startup company that invents, develops and sells novel Graphene-based nanocomposites materials and services. We are on a mission to deliver truly world-changing graphene hybrid materials that have the potential to make the world a better place.

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